Novated Leasing

Leasexpress provides novated leasing to help you into the new vehicle of your choice and get more from your salary package at the same time. If your employer offers you a novated leasing option, you're one of the lucky ones.

What is a novated lease?

A Leasexpress novated lease is one of the most cost‑effective ways to finance a car. It involves a three‑way agreement between you, your employer and Leasexpress.

Your car lease includes the finance and running costs like fuel, insurance and scheduled servicing and are included in a single monthly payment, using a combination of your pre and post-tax salary. A novated lease can reduce your taxable income and so reduce your tax.

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How it Works

Save time and money with a fully maintained novated lease from Leasexpress.

  1. Choose Your Car
    We can arrange a new car at fleet discount pricing and pass the savings onto you.
  2. We Do The Running Around
    We arrange your finance, do the paperwork and coordinate delivery of your new car.
  3. You Save
    Your cars finance and running costs are paid from your salary, making budgeting easy and reducing your tax.

Pay Less Tax

Your novated lease payments are drawn from your gross salary, reducing your income and decreasing your tax. We'll structure your novated lease to make the most of your tax savings.

Upfront and Ongoing Savings

Take advantage of our national fleet discounts to save on the cost of your new car. Plus our bulk negotiating power means you'll pay less for those ongoing running costs like fuel, servicing and maintenance.

Choose The Car of Your Dreams

Our simple leasing process gives you the freedom to choose any new make and model of vehicle (subject to finance and your employer's guidelines). And if you need to change employers, you can take your car with you.

Budgeting Made Easy

All your vehicle running costs are covered with one regular payment, helping you stay on top of your household finances and make budgeting a breeze.