Novated leasing pioneers

from Melbourne Australia

Leasexpress Novated leasing

The Leasexpress story begins in Melbourne 2001 with Peter and John Moore enabling a family-owned business to offer the best quality Novated lease services to thousands of customers throughout Australia.

For more than 20 years employers have chosen Leasexpress for a range of new and used vehicle finance services including Novated leases, Operating leases, Chattel mortgages and Fleet management services.

John Moore (Co-founder) was instrumental in the development of Novated leasing in Australia.

The team's collaborative knowledge of Finance, Fleet management, IT and Customer service has helped Leasexpress become one of the most experienced and specialised Novated leasing providers in Australia.

Leasexpress can benefit customers with a comprehensive range of support and engagement services. Dedicated Account managers maintain compliance & policy support, payroll support and employee engagement services.

An online Novated lease calculator provides quick and simple estimates outlining cost and potential tax savings. Customers can expect personalised service and quoting from an experienced Leasexpress specialist.

Employers could consider how Novated leasing can attract and retain exceptional employees with no cost to the employer, modest admin requirements and potential payroll tax savings.

Customer service

it's what drives everything Leasexpress does.

Novate new, used or existing vehicles

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