Chattel mortgages

For vehicle & equipment finance

Chattel mortgages

A Chattel mortgage is a commercial finance arrangement for purchasing vehicles, plant and equipment.

Under a Chattel mortgage, the financier releases funding to the customer to purchase the vehicle, meaning the customer takes ownership of the vehicle. The financier then takes out a mortgage over the vehicle as security for the loan they have made to you.

Once the repayments and balloon payment (if any) is met then clear title is given and security over the vehicle is removed. If you are registered for GST then you may be entitled to tax deductions and GST credits.

How it works

Here's the 3 step process to save time and money with a chattel mortgage from Leasexpress.


Choose your car

We can arrange a new car at National fleet discount pricing and pass the savings onto you.


Let us do the work

We arrange your finance, do the paperwork and coordinate delivery of your new car.


Save & relax

Take advantage of our national buying power. The overall out of pocket cost of the vehicle will be lower with our national fleet discounts.

Finance benefits

The Leasexpress difference

Leasexpress can source a new vehicle for you while taking advantage of our National fleet discounts, available through our Fleet buying power. Finance only options are available if preferred. GST registered customers may be entitled to tax deductions and GST credits

Our fully maintained option includes fuel, servicing, insurance, roadside assistance, registration, and there's no need to hold onto your receipts for tax time.

Our panel of financiers are here to determine and implement the right solution for your situation. Our team at Leasexpress will do all the work while keeping you involved in all decision making.

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