Operating Leases

Vehicles are an essential part of most businesses and an efficient fleet of cars should work for the business without costing too much.

Leasexpress offers simple, low-risk operating leases for businesses that wish to run multiple vehicles. Included in the monthly rental are operating costs like fuel, servicing and tyres.

An operating lease is in the business's name and at the end of the term the business can offer to purchase the car outright, rollover the lease into a new vehicle or hand the vehicle back.

Operating leases allow companies to free up capital from asset purchases to use for working capital. As an off balance sheet arrangement, operating leases can offer companies tax advantages.

Benefits of an operating lease include:

  • Freedom to choose new vehicle
  • No capital upfront
  • Flexible 12-60 month terms
  • Rental includes maintenance, tyres, petrol, insurance, registration and roadside assistance
  • GST can be claimed on the lease payments
  • Business vehicles are tax deductible
  • Allows for regular upgrading
  • No resale residual risk. Simply return the vehicle at the end of lease

Free Operating Lease Advisory Service

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